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  • my thought about nouveau

    well, in my office i take off the dust from my old 8800 gts 320 and ofc installed the nvidia blob. since day 1 and several blob revision my card feel very weird, i mean ok worked well for most workloads but it have many glitches like opengl get slower and slower in composite mode, vdpau been broken on this card, flash 10.1 wrong gamma in several videos, etc.

    so since my home 4850x2 is working so well with radeon driver and mesa git, i thinked hey wth lets try nouveau just to see how far these guys have come.

    without a second thought i installed xorg crackers and motu repos to get all my multimedia/Xorg framework git and installed nouveau + latest xorg cracker 2.6.35 kernel and men i felt like an idiot because i didnt installed it before.

    i can believe how far novueau has go without any support from nvidia, lol.

    1. kwin in kde 4.5 will all the nasty effects is screaming FPS like a mad cow.
    2. XCB(Xv) in vlc take blurays class h264 video in 1080p like a power7 super computer(ofc my phenom II X4 965 is showing some of his strenght here, i love my phenom best 180$ invested ever).
    3. 2d accel is as radeon driver OVERWHELMINGLY fast + glitches free + --graphicssystem raster wich is even faster in kde 4.5 lol.
    4. my konsole is screaming performance too and ofc my tty's too(i love text accel be nouveau or kms).
    5. amazingly flash 10.1 works perfectly fine (i mean adobe flash fine not fine like html5, we all knnow that flash sucks) with nouveau at least for normal youtube and anime watch.
    6. 3d is good enough for my daily work at office since i dont have hardcore 3d work for the rest of the year, blob is still better at 3d but mesa is getting better and better every day(awesome work from those guyz too) so it wont surprise me if for the time i need to do real 3d stuff noueveau/mesa is good enough already.
    7. i have the creeps thinking how good will be inkscape with cairo support + gallium cairo + nouveau gallium in the near future + probably wayland, damn future looks so bright.

    pre flame answers

    1. yes, it could be my 8800 gts and some bug in the blob combination, im not blaming the blob

    2. yes, nouveau is not very power friendly yet but i have an OC quadcore, ultra fast memory, 1000w psu, 2 32" 1080p LCD TV/monitors, 4 HD in raid 10 + 2 SSD in raid 1, bg speakers system, etc. really few more watts using nouveau wont affect my power hungry system anyway, so is not a show stopper for me, if you are a laptop users i think could be a different situation i agree

    anyway many many thanks for the devs of nouveau/mesa/Xorg/DRM/KMS/etc for all these awesomeness and the hard work

    100 kudos for you

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    vdpau was never intended for g80, my 8800 gts 512 is g92 based and works. i can not help you when your card is just a tiny bit too old for vdpau. i am no real fried of nouveau, but why not...