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An Explosive Battle Over Nouveau Kernel DRM

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    I hope this doesn't cause some nouveau devs to just pick up their stuff and go away.

    Nouveau is a great project, it completes the trinity of opensource drivers for most of the graphics cards existing out there, and I admire them for their work in reverse engineering almost every nvidia card from the riva tnt to the latest and greatest ones.

    So nouveau devs, thank you for your work so far, and I hope you stick around a lot longer


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      Originally posted by [Knuckles] View Post
      I hope this doesn't cause some nouveau devs to just pick up their stuff and go away.
      Pff. A little drama never hurt anybody. Thick skin is pretty much a requirement in FOSS development.

      You can say what you want about Linus and his tantrums, but they usually get results and on the whole lead to good things. After some initial mud-slinging the developers are now having a good, constructive discussion on how to handle stuff like this in the future. Ideas are presented, discussed and thought about. Good times.


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        Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
        What's this obsession with backwards compatibiility > progress?

        The Gnome must have realy got to him...

        Holy sh1t, what a sweat transision!

        All trolling and kidding aside... Linus failed, but when going over so much commits, one can't really blame him...
        Simple since they have to test kernel for so long before starting new releases and identifying what needs to be done as far as packages they have to build this stuff up ahead of schedule. So instead of doing all this on 2.6.32 kernel and tesing it out on releases they build it all in 2.6.33 and 2.6.34 and end up sucking code into kernel fixing it on all 3 kernels and backporting fixes and front porting fixes. From what I can see.

        Release blockers are number one filesystem problem, number two video not working and number 3 python anaconda problems, and anything that messes with users ability to update sytem, ie network. With the video stuff being so much work and so many changes it's going to get really really choppy. And they are going to have to be working on 2 if not 3 sets of code at once. As well as not holding up releases for tons of cards and then going through it all again as they pick up stragglers.

        The big problem I see is there are going to be SOOOO many changes to fedora 12 and any 2.6.32 based system that whatever software you got to install will be so changed that you could end up with a system config that works but is so drastically different that you are not ale to boot your install for rescueing system or reinstall easily.

        Which is why i'm jumping to fedora 13 on 2nd beta release.


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          I would probably react the same as him, if I was in his spot. I would basically say: TEST YOUR STUFF and maybe you know, get the other guys maybe collaborate as a team...

          I as running fedora 13 and I was impressed by the open source drivers.