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NVIDIA's Response To Recent Nouveau Work

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  • NVIDIA's Response To Recent Nouveau Work

    Phoronix: NVIDIA's Response To Recent Nouveau Work

    Last week after many DRM improvements went into the Linux 2.6.33 kernel Linus Torvalds got a bit upset and wanted Nouveau merged into the mainline kernel. After all, it's been in development for a few years and offers a vast feature-set compared to the xf86-video-nv DDX driver even if this driver is still somewhat experimental...

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    this bodes well for microcodes of open source toads, but alas still remains one proprietary node adobe!


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      So far so good

      It would be very useful, if they could comment on if the microcode contains IP or patents.


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        Strange, I thought they were going to opensource their driver...
        Hmmm on the other hand that would be some kind of sabotage for Nouveau and they promised they won't hinder their efforts... Pity, Nouveau deprives us an opensource driver from NVidia...


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          Oh, look who called it.


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            Originally posted by MostAwesomeDude View Post
            hehe. Either nVidia do what you say, or you have a good hang on things

            In case of the first, could you ask then to open source it?

            In case of the second, what do you think nVidia's "fell of ownership" is for the microcode?

            Could there be innovative things going on in there, so they don't want AMD to learn from them?

            Or is microcode so specific to the card, and non related to performance, that they wouldn't care if it got distributed?


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              Do you think they'll ever drop any cards from the nv driver (possibly because the nouveau driver is better on those cards than the nv driver?), or things will stay as they are for the foreseeable future?


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                If nouveau becomes as good as nvidia's binary driver then Nvidia should be very happy about it because Nvidia's only goal is to sell hardware, they keep developing a driver only because without a good driver their hardware would be mostly worthless / much less competitive.
                But they can't open source their driver and hand it over to the community (1) cause they don't want to share their software solutions with their competitors and (2) because if it uses somewhere patented stuff (even inadvertently for there are thousands of patents all over) the patent trolls/companies can't sue Nvidia cause they can't look up their patents in Nvidia's source code.
                So a really qualitative nouveau driver should be a relief for Nvidia and they could transfer the lots of folks working on its drivers to work on actually further improving its hardware (which Nvidia is all about) and leave the software development to the folks in the open source world and only help them when help is due.


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                  Originally posted by cl333r View Post
                  the patent trolls/companies can't sue Nvidia cause they can't look up their patents in Nvidia's source code.
                  Rarely does a patent troll rely on source code to look for patent infringement.


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                    "Rarely" is still too much. Getting sued only once still can cost millions of dollars. So imho it's still a good reason to keep the source closed.