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What Will Happen To xf86-video-nv In 2010?

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    Originally posted by deanjo View Post
    Dave is pulling the company bullshit line that is quoted on the basis that the USA is the center of the universe and the DMCA covers it all despite the fact that it isn't the center of the universe and it only applies in a anal retentive country (politics wise) that couldn't see the sunshine if they dig 6 feet to get their heads out of their ass.

    They are almost as bad as Toronto residents in that respect.
    I don't see why you are bashing the guy who is creating a device driver for you. Red Hat, as an America-based company is not in a position to ship patent-encumbered software. Therefore, they have no use for technologies that are only required by patent-encumbered software. It's as simple as that.

    I was using the TheoraTube Firefox extension to get around encumbered formats online, but it takes a lot of time to encode a video to Theora before you can watch it. Browsing YouTube became even more annoying than with the Flash-based original. Now I use Youtube without Flash Auto to just give me an embedded Totem widget that plays the MP4 file without Flash.

    I would love to use Theora for everything, but I don't want to wait for a reencode for every video. The developer of TheoraTube has an idea to use P2P technology to share the Theora encoding workload, but that has some copyright issues of course.


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      Originally posted by deanjo View Post
      If you can't be a professional in your field I can't help you either. A real professional would not have even said something so juvenile knowing the person they were speaking too couldn't change policy. You asked for proof, I provided it in spades. Grow up Dave, show some maturity and professionalism and maybe you will get some credibility associated with your name again but it will take a long time given your past antics.
      LOLS, thanks for that, some random dumbass on an Internet forum think I'm unprofessional, it must be true.

      You provided proof in spades? of what, not that I wanted the source to the nvidia binary driver which is what you were trying to prove. I think we can call that failure to achieve minimal intelligence to argue a point.



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        Originally posted by airlied View Post
        Look my point is if the community felt this was as important as all the ppl in the community who demand we work on it, one person who is capable of this stuff and can work on it outside of a patent minefield that is company development would have shown up and implemented it already.

        r300->r500 movie decoding is all done with shaders, the code is all available it just needs someome to take some time to plug it in and write it, this hasn't happened. Its been possible for over a year.

        You seriously think if someone wrote patches to add tearfree movie decoding to radeon we'd reject them?

        All my posts are from my POV, RH don't need this for any customers,
        due to use not being able to ship codecs for anything we can accel so I've no reason to work on it. Patents aren't something you can ignore when you work in companies, anyone who thinks they are is just stupid and i invite them to start a company and ignore them.

        Well, can't VDPAU and VA-API be used to accelerate Theora video? You still ship the Ogg codecs..


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          Originally posted by deanjo View Post
          Lol, Markham boy.
          Nope. My closest major city is Peterborough.
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            (Completely ignoring the last 7 pages) nVidia will continue doing what they've always done: stick their head in the sand and pretend the outside world's development community doesn't exist.


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              I don't think leaks like that happen when we talk CPU's. They call it leak, so it is more excising for those bringing the news

              Now a real leak was when the source code for the XBox hit Pirate Bay. Now that's a leak

              Anyway, AMD have been fairly open i 2008 about the Fusion specs. Phenom II and RV800, which was just a few weeks ago announced.


              Slide 3 is very hard to make out what it means. Given AMD's crave for going native right away, it is temping to read it as the GPU and CPu share memory controller.

              But then again, looking at the die picture, it is not very clear that the cores are connected with a huge rectangle block, that could look like a memory controller.

              In fact, it is a very odd picture. Why do we see 2x4 cores?

              So you can be very sure that Fusion will be big, now that Intel's Nottobee. didn't make it.


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                Originally posted by King InuYasha View Post
                People almost never actually USE servers, so WHAT GOOD is it?
                Excuse me, but what moron runs X on servers? Red Hat makes Linux desktops too, remember?

                Originally posted by deanjo View Post
                Actually Apple hasn't made a laptop (including the Macbook). They are called portables, and for good reason as well. Read the manual and you will see that it clearly stipulates during usage to place on a flat surface.
                Does that count for the plastic case MacBooks too? I can't imagine that Apple uses plastic as a passive cooler...


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                  Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
                  Does that count for the plastic case MacBooks too? I can't imagine that Apple uses plastic as a passive cooler...
                  It applies to every portable system that apple has made since the G3's.

                  For example:


                  On page 106 of the 2006 Macbook Users Guide the same thing is repeated.
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                    Originally posted by deanjo View Post
                    It applies to every portable system that apple has made since the G3's.
                    That's really disappointing. So what laptops can one place on his lap? ARM laptops? I know that even VIA Nano netbooks need a fan...

                    Is it really asking too much to have a computer that you can actually place on your lap or on the carpet or something?


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                      I guess that is just another case of Apple putting form over function, and designing a "portable" because a laptop couldn't be kept cool on laps.

                      I have a HP laptop that runs fine on my lap... Intel C2D Centrino + Intel Graphics, running RHEL (work has weird ideas...)

                      In reply to the comment about RH do desktops: They do, but I doubt it is much of a money maker as anything other than a server test/dev machine, and strangely enough those are not places I expect to see a lot of video playing. If nothing else, it's applications are old. (OOo 2.3, Gimp 2.2, ...) If you want a RH desktop, install Fedora would be my advice.