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Red Hat's Long, Rust'ed Road Ahead For Nova As Nouveau Driver Successor

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    Originally posted by intelfx View Post
    This is a Linux driver, written by people that are interested in improving Linux, in a language that is relevant for Linux. Why on Earth should some other OS compatibility it be their problem?
    That is the problem why non of these other OSes can gain a footing even if gasp they are better in some areas. FreeBSD has boot environments a fancy UFS filesystem with journals and soft updates from the man who wrote the original UFS/FFS code in the 1980s. It has stellar ZFS support that won't break if you update the kernel like in Linux. OpenBSD has pledge, Unveil, lots of cool stuff with memory mappings and system calls that are frankly a little over my head and stability.

    Why can these systems not gain traction? Well it is because they have a few amount of users, just single percents of users comp


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      At the end of the day these projects are struggling not because they are inferior oh no -- they struggle because many Devs live in a mono culture where it is just about Linux. Basically the same way it was 15 years ago with Linux where people were like why code for Linux when we have Windows 7 and Mac OS. You would think after being crapped on by only Windows people Linux people would take steps to not Linuxism their way to every project. We have POSIX which would be a great standard to code to. Many things are difficult to get to work on a BSD in general or Illumos based OS. Wayland, anything requiring systemd, heck even KDE was a pain to get working on OpenBSD and FreeBSD.


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        Originally posted by kylew77 View Post
        <...> We have POSIX which would be a great standard to code to <...>
        LOL, just LOL. I'm not gonna bother responding to anything else
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          I mean nouveau DRM needs support for sensors and video encoding / decoding. Even the new GSP is just not stable yet... and the developers now have to get busy changing the language from C to rust ?

          Why is this the most important thing to work on ? Who asked for this ?

          This is such a sad trend, like instead of fixing Clover for OpenCL, everyone needs to switch to rusticl , which then takes so long to develop and has lower performance

          Same with OpenGL, instead of fixing the native driver, they want to enable Zink ... which took so long to develop.

          Why, what's wrong with fixing what you already have, so you get something that works, before you have to spend years re-building existing components from scratch ?

          I don't know rust, but I already do not like what happens because of it ...