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NVIDIA Pushes 62MB Of GSP Binary Firmware Blobs Into Linux-Firmware.Git

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  • Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    Birdman ?
    Opps sorry dyslexia or typo won that round bridgman. I have corrected post.

    Its is close enough mistake to be typo the i and r out order(with the i and r being left and right hand with touch typing and fail to type the g and you end up with birdman.from bridgman.


    • Originally posted by avis View Post
      NVIDIA having out of tree modules can release fixes whenever they want/can/must.
      Is this true since mandatory signing by Microsoft portal with Windows 10 and newer the answer is no.

      Originally posted by avis View Post
      Greg KH delayed 6.6.2 by at least a week? Who cares?
      Greg KH has a massive backlog of stable fixes for 6.6 yet? Who cares?
      This is the thing

      All hardware submissions to the dashboard will be processed within 5 business days or less, depending on whether the submission requires manual review. Manual review may be required if your submission's tests fail, if it doesn't have a valid filter applied, or due to an internal business policy.
      There is a very big dark side to this text. Your submission's tests fail. Guess what the tests used by the Microsoft portal are not publicly published.

      Yes the Microsoft worst case for being signed is 5 days and that is also the worst case to find out that Microsoft has added some test and opps your updated driver is no longer good enough. This has been the cause of a few cases of the Linux Nvidia driver being out before the windows driver by up to 30 days.

      Yes the 5 days on the manual review + the coding to fix the issue why driver end up in manual review and resubmit there is 30 days gone. Please also note that 5 business days. So you submit Friday you might only find out it failed next Friday. Might as well be real here 5 business days is basically 7 days written in way that sounds a little better..

      Yes submitting to the dashboard with Microsoft to get signed also puts your driver in the que.

      Greg KH delay on LTS branchs like it or not in the ball park of the delays you end up having with windows signing drivers. Of course as a person submitting drivers you do have the advantage with Linux of having the test suite Greg KH is going to use so not end up with the problem of darn the tester updated the test suite so wasting my time.

      Processing time with Greg KH like it or not is in the ballpark of the processing time to get Microsoft to second sign driver so you can use it with Windows 10/11.

      Would I like to see LTS release cycles be shorter yes I would but there is a upper limit.

      Yes I like the internal business policy. Lets say Microsoft processing que for new drivers gets too full(it has happened) what do you think Microsoft internal policy reads. That right reject the driver and tell the hardware vendor to resubmit the driver in a few days/weeks. Yes rejected is still processed.

      avis like it or not secure boot requirements have changes things a lot. Getting out of tree module signed by OS as required for secureboot equals like it or not hardware vendor cannot release new driver whenever they want instead they have to be on the OS makers timelines for approval.


      • Originally posted by oiaohm View Post
        Opps sorry dyslexia or typo won that round bridgman. I have corrected post.
        No worries... at least it was clear what you meant. I have been playing with hands-free speech-to-text IM'ing in the car... it's remarkable how many different ways there are to interpret the spoken word.

        The infuriating part is that the first text to appear is often correct, then after a few seconds of further reflection the text gets updated to something totally different.
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        • no surprise it's nvidia that is bloating like this