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NVIDIA RTX Remix 0.2 Released + Remix Runtime Bridge Open-Sourced

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    Originally posted by aufkrawall View Post
    If you take availability of Win 10 1809 RTM .iso without official roll-out, D3D12 RT was available before the first Turing GPUs even launched. And of course months earlier to game devs.
    Nvidia had exposed raytracing extensions for Vulkan drivers (not just vulkan beta drivers, stable drivers) already on 18-09-2018. Release date of windows 1809 was 2nd of october. When i don't doubt windows insiders got it maybe earlier, stable raytracing support technically arrived on nvidia earlier and initial work to make raytracing a thing in Vulkan was entirly Nvidia's job.

    Keep in mind, Turing release date was around same time, so it particulary couldn't be exposed officially much earlier as no one had hardware for it. But Nvidia talked about raytracing Vulkan support publicly even in March the same year with technical details:


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      Originally posted by mirmirmir View Post

      I know, It's a dick move from Nvidia, using open source software when it's convenient for them, while not supporting open standards.

      At least they should be more considerate, DXVK, the project they are using, is made by people who are trying to make win games work on linux.
      Seriously idk what point of RTX for gaming at all. You are cheated by their snake oil, and also request they sell their drug more? I still had to use Nvidia day-by-day not bc I'm a gamer. If I have enough time, I would play game on AMDGPU.