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The Initial Performance Of NVIDIA's R515 Open-Source Linux GPU Kernel Driver

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    Originally posted by Danny3 View Post

    At least for movie.
    That exactly or for proton or better yet both


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      Originally posted by pete910 View Post
      Why not test with mesa ? Is that not the open driver?

      Does the Mesa stack need support adding ?
      It is not possible to do this at the moment, but we will probably see this happen in the (near) future.
      more information:


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        Originally posted by sleax View Post
        Good chance that some of the performance differences between the open and proprietary drivers are due to the removal of application specific "hacks".

        It's not a coincidence proprietary drivers updates coincide with major game releases (not to say this is the only reason).

        Benchmarks are everything in this market space. Little shortcut here, bit of extra culling there...

        If so, unlikely the open drivers will ever quite match up to the closed source ones.
        The application specific hacks are in userspace. There is an application profiles rc file with all of them.


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          Originally posted by gnarlin View Post

          One might say that there's a..........Nouveau hope?
          I'll see myself out.
          They should rename nouveau to vieux.


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            I tested the driver few days ago. It works! I played some games without benchmarking them and they felt fine. There were some bugs like moving windows in GNOME X11 causes stutters. I've tried Wayland too - looks like the support there is identical as the proprietary driver (no gammalut, no dmabuf, no hardware cursor...)