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FFmpeg Now Supports VP9 Profile 2 VDPAU Decode (10-bit / 12-bit)

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    Originally posted by Danny3 View Post

    Ok, but where is Intel's or AMD's contributions on FFmpeg ?
    I see pretty much news about Nvidia contributions only.
    I believe that Nvidia has their own dev team and Intel has a small one, while AMD mostly relies on third-party devs to do their work. Because Intel GPU advances are few and far between, they only get the occasional news bit, while Nvidia is constantly throwing out updates due to having several generations of GPU in play at all times.


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      Originally posted by TheLexMachine View Post

      It was. Several years ago, Nvidia abruptly and quietly terminated all VDPAU development, in order to force CUVID/NVDECODE (CUDA) on Linux users and developers, but programs like VLC and such didn't want to go to the trouble required to adopt it into their future builds, so after a few years of trying and trying and trying to get it supported, they gave up and resurrected VDPAU.
      This is good to know. Did they end up going through the extra mile to make VDPAU also work with native Wayland properly? Iirc it used to require XWayland.