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The Open-Source NVIDIA/Nouveau vs. NVIDIA Linux Driver At The End Of 2019 - Poor But A Lot Of Hope

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    Originally posted by CochainComplex View Post

    In case you dont understand german:
    scroll down to: Lautstärke -beim Spielen (transl: Noise - gaming)
    click 17 Einträge (trsnl.: +17 entries - this will unroll the whole table)

    if you compare the entire set of AMD 5700 (XT) with the entire set of 2070 (S) I would say that in the most cases 5700Xt are less noisy then Super 2070 S but as said this depends heavily on the Manufacturers cooling solution and also on the bios switch.

    Also interesting is the idle case here the 5700 XTs are clearly ahead.
    click on Lautstärke - Windows (Noise - Windows)

    So now to your example - If I buy the cheapest (prices germany) MSI 5700 XT mech 394€ and compare this with PNY Geforce RTX 2070 Super mini 543€ - there is still a difference of 149€ roughly 30% less
    ....I can tell you the AC in a basic Mercedes E class is also way better then in a basic Mercedes C class and here we are not talking about all the other features....
    30% is a price class difference and even the lowest config in the higher class should be better then the lowest config in the lower class.
    If this is not the case you got ripped off.

    btw. 10 times as loud is roughly 33 db if I recall it correctly? all Super 2070(S) and 5700(XT) are between 30dB(A) and 47dB(A) under load...this is a delta of 17 db ..means not even 4 times as loud if we compare max vs mins without comparing any teams or oc versiosn etc. (this would be a 5700 vs 5700 not even the XT's - the loudest is less noisy.)

    p.s.: I have forgotten to mention there is also a datasheet with temperatures idle and load in the same link ... i can not see 20 temp without including OC versions or the bad reference cooler. The most cards of both teams tend to have around 75C under load. on idle nvidia cards are cooler....but I dont think that there is a significant different amount of ware out diffusion going on in a silicon semiconductor with 30C (coolest 2070S) vs 44 Cdeg (hottest 5700XT) - so you will not see the benefit of prolonged lifetime here.

    Unfortunately both of your cards are not in this list. And I couldnt even find temps for the pny mini. If you have them I would like to see it.
    Well I dont care about tests, I go by my own experiance, the amd card went full airplane mode almost always when gaming and was alot hotter 90+ sometimes over 100c, the nvidia card I still own now, goes to 76c at most when gaming and never goes to full airplane mode its extemly quiet I barely hear it at all. Well here the price difference was only 20% between the cards both on sale. The geforce card is way more overclockable also, which nets me a good performance gain over the amd card.