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2070 Super recommendations?

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  • 2070 Super recommendations?


    After trying out the 5700 XT and getting, pretty damn awful driver issues I'm switching back to green camp, my current GTX 980 has served me well so wondering if there are 2070 Super cards you might be willing to recommend. Looking around the same performance as the 5700 XT but am willing to take the price hit.

    I do appreciate low noise a lot, so willing to put in money for it. I see the KFA 2070 Super EX & MSI's 2070 Super VENTUS OC as the cheapest cards. But guessing those have thermal/noise issues as the 2070 Armor card had way back when it was much cheaper than other 2070's.

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    Really? You're dropping AMD because the drivers are unstable?

    I'd rather suggest you to install AMDGPU-PRO for now, and in 6 months (which is approximately when the drivers get pretty stable) you can go back to Mesa.