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FreeSync + AMDGPU + Multi Monitor - Questions and recommendations needed

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  • FreeSync + AMDGPU + Multi Monitor - Questions and recommendations needed

    Dear Phoronix Users.
    Dear AMD Devs,

    I have a few questions where I could alomost find no solutions to, since the topic is quite new on Linux. Let's assume I'll use the latest DRM next git code / Linux 4.15 or maybe 4.16 when it has the first RC in the future.

    1. Does FreeSync work on a multi monitor setup? I know it won't work on both screens, but would it work on the primary / one monitor?
    2. How do I control if it will be activated? Which files would I need to modify while using Linux + AMDGPU?
    3. Are there any known displays with 1920x1080 which have a wide range (e.g. 35-144 Hz) where FreeSync is supposed to be working? I read a lot of FreeSync displays won't effectively remove tearing completely, especially under Windows.

    Also I found a website of AMD stating "How to enable FreeSync on Linux" [0]. I assume it's talking about AMDGPU PRO? No info regarding that. Also there's a list of games that have FreeSync suppport. Does that mean not every game would benefit from it? I thought it's a question if the GPU and display would allow it?
    • Phoronix test suite (PTS)
    • Unigine Valley
    • Unigine Heaven
    • Metro Last Light
    • Civilization 5
    • Witcher 2
    • DOTA2
    • TF 2
    • Counter Strike Source
    • Rocket League
    • Ark Survival Evolved
    • XCOM2
    • glxgears

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    I'm not 100% sure, but FreeSync requires support in both kernel and X driver, and while the DC pull brought in kernel support we can't get X driver support upstream until we have cross-vendor agreement on what the implementation should look like (AMDGPU-PRO has an AMD-specific implementation).

    I know those discussions had started but don't believe they have finished and resulted in an implementation yet. Nicolai has been working on it and has an active freesync branch on fdo but I don't know how close to ready (cross-vendor agreement on design plus working) that is.

    AFAIK that list is the programs which have been tested and found to work, not a statement that other programs will not work. There are games which are written in a way that interferes with FreeSync (or any adaptive sync AFAIK) but I don't know the specifics.


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      All right, so this seems to be a subject to change it it looks like it does make sense to keep myself updated. I don't own a FreeSync display yet and I'm quite unhappy with the ones on the market, because what I'd like would be 24" 1920x1080 with a wide range of supported frequency - ~70-144 Hz does not make sense to me.

      Thanks for the update, I'm happy about any news anyone could bring up here.

      bridgman So the mentioned list above talks about AMDGPU PRO and tested games?

      phoronix Could you please move this topic to "Open-Source AMD Linux"?
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        Originally posted by cRaZy-bisCuiT View Post
        bridgman So the mentioned list above talks about AMDGPU PRO and tested games?
        Correct - it is for a specific AMDGPU-PRO release several months ago (possibly last year).