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AMDGPU DC Code Lands For Linux 4.15 Kernel

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    Originally posted by Krejzi View Post
    Joking aside, Linus and AMD devs had a discussion on the main pull request about pre-generated headers which would be the DC's greatest annoyance, since most of the abstraction layer is being thrown out and shared linux code is being reused.
    Note that the discussion about headers was not about files in DC but rather the pre-existing header files in drm/amd/include. The DC code itself does not include much in the way of header files.
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      R41N3R, very similar problem is here:

      In my case it was never happen without DC, probably I'm lucky guy. Problem is I didn't need hdmi-audio too, so my testing was: OK I hear somethings = it's fine. Now i spend few days with DC and after dinner I have to reboot my pc. It's no drama I've just played in old boring game but in other case it could be scary.

      So I'm still happy with amd-pro module or with good old jacks. Worse if someone has only hdmi and doesn't want to mess with -pro dkms module.


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        Speaking as a new rx64 user(2 days) This is good news, It was a nice supprise to see first hand just how well the vega cards perform under linux. Beats my old 1080 in what I've tried up to now.

        Was also nice to be back on the oss driver , the prop NV pascal drivers are shocking tbh, especially the desktop experience. The difference from the 1080 to the vega on mesa is an unbelievably better experience on AMD

        Hats off to all involved on this !!!


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          Originally posted by R41N3R View Post
          I own a RX 480 and after I have compiled linux-git and enabled amdgpu.dc=1, I can now use HDMI audio :-)

          modinfo amdgpu | grep dc
          parm: dcisplay Core driver (1 = enable, 0 = disable, -1 = auto (default)) (int)
          parm: dc_log:int

          Now let's see what other new function I can use...
          That was expected...

          Do you get 'fan' info?
          Let's see your 'sensors' ouput.
          Thanks and happy DC testing!


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            Originally posted by sa666666 View Post

            Because (a) the RX480 is working fine so far, and (b) new software always has bugs. Getting it into mainline was huge first step. Getting it stabilized will take some time. And I'll be ready when the code is ready.
            Fair enough.
            Enjoy it then!


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              Originally posted by frosth View Post


              PS. if you have HDMI+DVI monitors, using DC code is extremaly danger (don't know about 2xHDMI) after HDMI monitor turn off and again turn on, you lose all displays, and only reset helps. Even simply dpms or powersave (autooff) in TV/monitor settings trigger that.
              You are NOT up to date.
              This is fixed in amd-staging-drm-next and all drm-next-4.15-dc versions
              since 2017-10-27 with this commit:

              drm/amd/display: Fix no display on Fiji

              Yes, Fiji and 'family'.
              With tb from me for RX580 (and smaller).

              I am really happy with DC in 4.15 but I wasn't call it stable by now and will still use amdgpu-pro-dkms driver + 4.9LTS for HDMI audio.
              You call it...
              Try it!


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                Originally posted by geearf View Post
                I have an SI card so no need of DC
                dc eventually brings freesync, so now amd should do dc for si


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                  Originally posted by R41N3R View Post
                  Sure, but I didn't want to use the out of tree DAL/DC stack and I didn't need this feature. I think now it is stable enough, so I did the switch.
                  interesting thought. this merge merged dc in disabled state for your card, i.e. it didn't advertise change in stability even if merge had something to do with stability


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                    Originally posted by pal666 View Post
                    dc eventually brings freesync, so now amd should do dc for si
                    That's a good point!
                    Though since my TV does not support it, I don't really care


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                      My new Vega 56 is underway.