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Ubuntu 14.04 To Ubuntu 17.10 RadeonSI OpenGL Performance

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    Originally posted by Brisse View Post

    Latest HWE (16.04.3) runs kernel 4.10 as far as I know, but the data table says 4.4.
    In 16.04, unlike before, the HWE goes as follows:
    - Mesa and libdrm get updated for everyone, roughly 3 months after the previous half-yearly release, until it will match 18.04 around August 2018. So currently they match what's in 17.04, due to be updated by January to 17.10 versions. You can't opt out other than not installing updates at all.
    - For 16.04.0 and 16.04.1 installations, the and kernel stay at original versions (with security updates) unless opting-in to the HWE stack. So in this test, 4.4 kernel is in use because the installation media was .0 or .1.
    - For 16.04.2, .3, .4, .5 the user starts with HWE stack available at the point release time for both and kernel, and get updates automatically to the newer ones until they match 18.04's ones around August 2018. So at the moment every .2/.3 installation is already on 4.10 kernel (matching 17.04), and will get 4.13 around January

    So in summary stable, patched Mesa is deemed good enough to be offered to everyone with a few months' delay, and they're also offering a more fresh automatic kernel and updates to all desktop users that install using .2 or newer. I guess this reflects both streamlining how many dozens of different versions they're maintaining, and how the upstreams are also more mature than before.

    Server installations can choose which kernel route to use regardless of the installation media.


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      So, Bioshock and Metro wouldn't run on 7950 with open source drivers, or was it frame rate too low?

      EDIT: I just saw the next article, they run...
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