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Linux 4.14 + ROCm Might End Up Working Out For Kaveri & Carrizo APUs

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    Originally posted by jrch2k8 View Post

    Well PCIe 3.0 is pretty damn common for 99% of their user base and those with hardware old enough to be running PCIe 2.0 or less probably won't have much use for modern OpenCL either way since the speed up won't be too dramatic on that much older APU.

    Also notice this for HSA aka APUs, as far as I know this won't affect GCN discreet cards OpenCL stack
    According to what I just read the -only- CPU's AMD has that can work are the new Zen based products.


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      Originally posted by duby229 View Post

      According to what I just read the -only- CPU's AMD has that can work are the new Zen based products.
      Well probably this will go down the stack later on, is not like it works now either way(is no easy at all to set up) and if I got this right you still need branched code from Clang/LLVM and other parts of RoCM that are not upstream yet.

      Probably you should start to worry(or celebrate) about April next year, I don't see OpenCL being in any upstream usable form before beside I'm not sure yet if they will use HMM for OpenCL 2.1+ either.

      Note: this article refers only to the current upstreamed code in 4.14, so is not like a declaration that it won't work with older hardware, is just what so far has landed is for the newer hardware.


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        Originally posted by Marc Driftmeyer View Post
        Both PCI-E 2 and 3 have Atomic Ops.

        The sheer lack of clarity from a professional standpoint is shotty, at best.
        Hello Marc,

        here comes a copy from Marek's post on mesa-devel about:

        Re: [Mesa-dev] What is the difference between ROCm and Clover?
        > For what it's worth, if you have an "older" system without PCIe 3.0 atomics,
        > you could still try and see how far you get with ROCm. As long as you don't
        > *actually* need atomics between the CPU and GPU in your own code, you're
        > probably fine. I've never tried it, though.

        I can confirm with 100% certainty that PCIe 3.0 atomics aren't
        required if you don't need them. In the majority cases, you don't need