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OpenCL on AMD Vega with old Intel CPU (Core-i7 860)

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  • OpenCL on AMD Vega with old Intel CPU (Core-i7 860)

    I have a quite old computer that I recently upgraded by adding a vega 56. I would like to run some OpenCL tasks on that card but it looks like ROCm does not support my CPU (Core-i7 860) because it does not have PCIe3 atomics. From my understanding AMD proprietary OpenCL driver also use ROCm. I think clover is not an option either, since it looks like AMD is not working on it anymore it's probably never going to work with Vega cards. Is there any other way ?

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    Originally posted by RhumArrange View Post
    I Is there any other way ?
    Your cpu was released before the pci express 3.0 specification and your motherboard may lack pci express 3.0 support.Build a new computer. For me 2133Mhz ddr3 memory was too old technology and I sold my 10 month old X4 845+Rx460 build with a nine year old monitor. I needed to put 235 euros more to have Ryzen 5 1600+RX560 build and a new BENQ 24" GW2470H AMVA+ (VGA,HDMIX2) monitor. VAT 24% is included in the prices.


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      That's probably what I should. Or give up trying to use OpenCL. Thank you.