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Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu Radeon Gaming Performance With Linux 4.13 + Mesa 17.2

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  • Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu Radeon Gaming Performance With Linux 4.13 + Mesa 17.2

    Phoronix: Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu Radeon Gaming Performance With Linux 4.13 + Mesa 17.2

    In the past few days I have posted benchmarks showing how AMD's latest open-source Radeon Linux driver code is faster than their hybrid/proprietary driver for OpenGL and perhaps most excitingly is finally how AMD Radeon GPUs are beginning to really compete with NVIDIA GPUs on Linux and in some cases performing better against the GeForce competition than they do under Windows. This comes after years of work on their open-source driver stack and especially a lot of work done over the past year not only by AMD but also Valve and other open-source contributors to Mesa, their RadeonSI Gallium3D driver, their AMDGPU LLVM compiler back-end continues to be refined for compute and graphics, and the AMDGPU kernel driver. So here are the latest Windows vs. Linux gaming benchmarks on the Radeon side to see where things stand now with this latest code.

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    good, very good, we are at the point when NATIVE titles are faster on linux, and thats not a little thing
    thanks, marek


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      That is just... beautiful. Who could imagine that just a few years ago?

      Thanks AMD and all the developers involved in improving the free OpenGL stack and graphics drivers on Linux.


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        These results are are amazing. In such a short time, Radeon has no question become a strong and very viable choice for Linux gaming now. Now just open source the faster, proprietary AMD implementation of Vulkan and Team Red will have a killer product on Linux.
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          Holy moses!

          I see minimum fps is still quite low in Linux, but averages are still very good regardless and the performance increases we just continue to see is just...


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            WOW!!! Just WOW!!!!! When I read the title I tried to lower my expectations... But this is just amazing... They did it! Linux and opensource graphics are equal (and maybe better) to Windows! Wonderful times to be a linux user


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              My next GPU is definitively an AMD one then!
              This is some amazing year for AMD graphics on Linux. The open-source developers like Marek can be proud of their work for sure.


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                i was kind of hoping that Mad Max DX11 vs. Vulkan vs. OpenGL will be there as well

                but, still... improvements are spectacular and just in the right moment when i will be retiring my 750Ti. no way i'm going green this time around


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                  It's all quite exciting however I want to see multiple screenshots of the tested games as PNG files and then I will believe my eyes


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           which Linux 4.13 paired with Mesa Git is able to outperform the Windows 10 configuration with both operating systems using OpenGL.
                    But now all the more eager to get an honest answer from the developers: any plans to combine this OGL driver with Windows OpenGL ? That is Windows/Linux..
                    When the driver will become common ?