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How Can I Change Color Saturation in Mint [18.1]

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  • How Can I Change Color Saturation in Mint [18.1]

    Hey guys, I'm really new to GNU/Linux environment. I did some research, but I couldn't find any posts about this issue. I have Mesa drivers installed, but because I can't download any proprietary drivers, I would like to know where to change the color saturation. I tried to do it from DriConf, but it honestly is just too complicated for me. Thanks in advance

    Mesa Version 17+ llvm Version 5.0+

    4.8.0-51-generic #54~16.04.1-Ubuntu GNU/Linux

    I am on Xfce DE.

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    Hey man, thanks for the answer, but I am looking to change the "Color Saturation", or "Digital Vibrance". I was looking to change the color temperature as well so again, thanks!

    Basically what I am looking for is a GUI like Catalyst Center. Like I said, I already tried DriConf but couldn't find Saturation or Digital Vibrance.


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      Hey man, thanks for responding but the setting that I am looking for is Color Saturation, or Digital Vibrance. Although I was looking for Temperature as well, so thanks again.


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        Originally posted by debianxfce View Post


        Or even better, build a desktop pc and use a monitor that you can adjust. Laptops are portable toys. Serious image processing is done with a with a desktop pc.
        I already have a desktop monitor, but because it a TN panel, the colors are washed out. That's the reason I asked this question initially. I don't do any serious image processing I just watch films/shows. Thanks for the help though. I really want to stick with Linux. Do you know if Nvidia has its own drivers supported? AMD gave up on fglxr i guess.

        Btw I am looking to move to Debian Xfce