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Radeon's ROCm OpenCL Runtime Finally Open-Sourced

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    Originally posted by StreamComputing View Post
    So how's the protection against viruses like ? Can any (invected) software read and write the firmware blob?
    Afaik blobs are signed, any modification prevents loading them.

    Also note, that article describes how you can use a GPU to help avoid detection of a malware running on CPU.

    Running malware fully on GPU is pointless in modern systems that have IOMMU (and wise users that enable it if it's disabled), as with IOMMU the GPU itself can't snoop a damn since it has sandboxed DMA (direct memory access is allowed only to its own allocated space, not everywhere).


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      Originally posted by bridgman View Post

      True... but we implemented OpenCL 2.0 across the board back in early 2015 and none of the other vendors did anything... so pretty much all of the real world apps ended up being stuck at 1.2 level. Other vendors are finally starting to work on 2.0 support so I expect this will change eventually.
      Well if you count Intel's CPU only side on Linux, and potentially CPU/IGPU on windows they've been beating everybody in timely delivery of 2.0+ support. Was painful seeing them claim this trophy. But I get you on the overall with the other vendors not updating. The conformance chart Neil Trevett put together in 2016 and 2017 hasn't changed much.