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Radeon's ROCm OpenCL Runtime Finally Open-Sourced

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    Sure seems to have some bugs in the repo script.

    Correction: Saving the repo from the link doesn't corrupt the script. Now it works.

    Close but no cigar:

    [ 97%] Built target ocml_bc
    In file included from /home/mdriftmeyer/bin/opencl/runtime/platform/command.hpp:26:0,
    from /home/mdriftmeyer/bin/opencl/runtime/device/rocm/rocdevice.hpp:11,
    from /home/mdriftmeyer/bin/opencl/runtime/device/rocm/rocmemory.hpp:11,
    from /home/mdriftmeyer/bin/opencl/runtime/device/rocm/rocmemory.cpp:15:
    /home/mdriftmeyer/bin/opencl/runtime/platform/perfctr.hpp:27:50: warning: ignoring attributes on template argument ‘cl_perfcounter_property {aka long unsigned int}’ [-Wignored-attributes]
    typedef std::map<cl_perfcounter_property, ulong> Properties;
    In file included from /home/mdriftmeyer/bin/opencl/runtime/device/rocm/rocdevice.hpp:11:0,
    from /home/mdriftmeyer/bin/opencl/runtime/device/rocm/rocmemory.hpp:11,
    from /home/mdriftmeyer/bin/opencl/runtime/device/rocm/rocmemory.cpp:15:
    /home/mdriftmeyer/bin/opencl/runtime/platform/command.hpp:61:33: warning: ignoring attributes on template argument ‘amd::Event::CallBackFunction {aka void (*)(_cl_event*, int, void*)}’ [-Wignored-attributes]
    std::atomic<CallBackFunction> callback_; //!< callback function pointer.
    /home/mdriftmeyer/bin/opencl/runtime/device/rocm/rocmemory.cpp: In member function ‘void roc::Memory::syncCacheFromHost(roc::VirtualGPU&, device::Memory::SyncFlags)’:
    /home/mdriftmeyer/bin/opencl/runtime/device/rocm/rocmemory.cpp:384:5: error: ‘wait’ was not declared in this scope
    /home/mdriftmeyer/bin/opencl/runtime/device/rocm/rocmemory.cpp:384:5: note: suggested alternative: ‘write’
    runtime/device/rocm/CMakeFiles/oclrocm.dir/build.make:240: recipe for target 'runtime/device/rocm/CMakeFiles/oclrocm.dir/rocmemory.cpp.o' failed
    make[2]: *** [runtime/device/rocm/CMakeFiles/oclrocm.dir/rocmemory.cpp.o] Error 1
    CMakeFiles/Makefile2:23207: recipe for target 'runtime/device/rocm/CMakeFiles/oclrocm.dir/all' failed
    make[1]: *** [runtime/device/rocm/CMakeFiles/oclrocm.dir/all] Error 2
    Makefile:151: recipe for target 'all' failed
    make: *** [all] Error 2
    [email protected]:~/bin/build$

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      Originally posted by dungeon View Post
      Instead of "Yes" on "Driver status" and under "Free/Libre" it should say "No(firmware required)"
      This news from AMD is fantastic and pure goodness. What do you gain from dropping a turd into the punchbowl? A modern x86 PC, both intel and AMD, has binary blobs in the CPU, in the motherboard, in the add-in cards for sound, RAID, etc. That's not the point here. Having a 100% open source driver stack for a tier-1 GPU is truly a milestone in Open Source history. Don't play the turd delivery boy - This is a historic event, in case that hasn't sunk in for you yet, not to mention the announcement's comment about AMD continuing working towards open sourcing the blobs. Intel isn't doing this, and neither is NVidia. AMD is to be commended for pursuing an aggressively open-source friendly strategy.
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        I have been reading Phoronix for quite a while now, including the forums, and I felt the need to register in order to manifest how happy I am for this.

        Thank you AMD for keeping your promise, and huge thanks to everyone's hard work in making this possible.

        I'm switching to Linux as main OS pronto.


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          this is pretty cool! given the next ubuntu LTS is out next year, hopefully we will have some seemless OpenCL goodness in that release! It'll be good to catch up with Fedora on that front


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            Wow! This is great! If I only had the time to play with this right now. Thank you AMD. My fury was the best buy I have ever made!

            When I got time I will look at packaging build for arch if someone else isn't faster.


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              This is awesome news! Thank you very much AMD!

              I am happy I switched to the RX480. My next graphics cards will definitely be from AMD, too!


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                I was waiting this for years. Thank you AMD!


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                  Nice, really nice. Even though my few RadeonSI chips won't benefit from it but this is very welcome. I hope this will gain more momentum. It takes a while sometimes, but in the end it's being delivered. I wonder what's next.
                  Stop TCPA, stupid software patents and corrupt politicians!


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                    Thank you AMD. I guess I will go from Evergreen to Polaris or Vega pretty soon

                    Though I hope the community is still working on clover, since it is gallium-based


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                      I <3 AMD for this step.