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Another Polaris 12 ID Added To RadeonSI

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  • Another Polaris 12 ID Added To RadeonSI

    Phoronix: Another Polaris 12 ID Added To RadeonSI

    Another Polaris 12 device ID was added to the RadeonSI driver yesterday. In AMD's other open-source driver components they have also been tidying up their lists this week of the PCI device IDs for the upcoming Polaris 12 hardware...

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    If they don't manage to merge it for 4.12 it will be the end of DAL/DC: someone will get tired and will port everything to the current drm driver.
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      I don't think so. It's not wrong in every aspect what AMD is trying to achieve, and that's one of the basic constraints for most people to put effort in any other solution. Also AMD has not ceased to update and fix things, so things are moving in the right direction. And if anyone would do what you think, he needs a lot of expertise, in a thing not very rewardful at first sight. Stop whining, everything will be put together in some time


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        rx 550?


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          Originally posted by davidbepo View Post
          rx 550?
          Yeah, apparently the top P12 SKU will be a 1304MHz 640 shader (10CU) design - 1.67 TFLOPS. Enough for 1080p gaming on Low in many cases. I'm guessing it will turn up in several Apple devices due to being cheaper than the P11 solutions.

          I also guess another SKU is 512 shaders. And maybe a couple of TDP targets (desktop, mobile) for each.