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AMDGPU HD7950 overclock

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  • AMDGPU HD7950 overclock

    I recently watercooled my HD 7950 along with my Ivy Bridge CPU (which easily reached 5GHz rock solid once delidded). I overclocked the HD 7950 on Windows using MSI Afterburner and I reached stability at 1200 MHz for the core and 1600 MHz for the memory. I obviously had to increase both the core voltage and the memory voltage. Since I don't use Windows except for some random testing I would like to be able to use my overclock settings with the (still experimental) AMDGPU driver. I'm pretty sure OverDrive support is present since several kernel releases:
    Unfortunately I discovered it seems to be too basic to be useful: is there any way to set core and ram frequencies/voltages except from flashing them in the VGA BIOS? Decent OverDrive support would be very useful in Linux, I don't care if it's still not mainlined, even a floating patch would suffice my needs and I could help testing.

    P.S. I don't even need frequency scaling: if the VGA always stays at the highest frequency it would be fine.
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    AMD: X1950XTX, HD3870, HD5870
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