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AMDGPU-PRO 16.60 Released

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  • AMDGPU-PRO 16.60 Released

    Phoronix: AMDGPU-PRO 16.60 Released

    AMDGPU-PRO 16.60 is now available as the latest version of the hybrid AMDGPU-based Radeon Linux graphics driver stack...

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    When will AMDGPU-PRO have glvnd support?


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      Seems they have added the option to pass --compute to the install script and it will install only the kernel and the OpenCL bits. Now it's easier to use the closed OpenCL with Mesa.

      Thats nice


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        According to GOL it adds support for a bunch of GCN 1.0:

        Seems so too!


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          Hopefully it's working with more modern kernels, but I haven't yet fired it up yet but there still might not be newer kernel support considering Ubuntu 16.10 still isn't listed as an option.
          Try Ubi 16.04 with 4.8 kernel from proposed repo... at least i expect that to work now


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            Originally posted by gutigone View Post
            According to GOL it adds support for a bunch of GCN 1.0
            GCN 1.0 has been supported since 16.50
            Michael Larabel


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              Highest supported kernel version? Does it finally support xorg-server 1.19?
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                Originally posted by Michael View Post

                GCN 1.0 has been supported since 16.50
                Some sure, but this seems to have been expanded

                I can't check for sure, as your release post didn't list any new cards mentioned in the 16.50 release notes which seem to have been overwritten by this newer release on AMD's site. Whereas GOL it seems quoted from the 16.50 release notes in their article on it, and it didn't list many cards. This new 16.60 release notes do list a ton more cards.

                It could be a lack of attention to details on AMD's part with their release notes, they may have meant to put them all in the 16.50 release notes but didn't until 16.60 was released, maybe due to them being too buggy to list until now?


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                  Originally posted by darkbasic View Post
                  Highest supported kernel version? Does it finally support xorg-server 1.19?
                  I guess 4.8 should be bumped here, as Ubuntu LTS need to switch to that soon

                  On server 1.19 i think nope... as not a single distro listed as supported uses that . Their builds targets exact server version, Ubuntu package supports up to 1.18.x only, while RHEL/CENTOS supports that 1.17.x only, etc...

                  AMDGPU-PRO drivers are not provided as linux generic, just targets some claimed as supported distro versions... and hopefully that would work elsewhere if you are lucky enough to meet expectations
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                    little help here, please?

                    I have an amd a8-7600 apu so its R7. Is it compatible with this new driver?

                    If so, is that a simpler way to install it without needing to download the pack and running it by myself? Some sort of ppa for that matter? Or any pre-compiled deb for *buntus 16.04 x64?

                    And whats better actualy, amd pro or mesa?

                    Im sorry.. Im lost here..