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Screen flickering with an RX 480, Dota 2, 4K, Full settings

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  • Screen flickering with an RX 480, Dota 2, 4K, Full settings


    I just bought a 4K display with an RX 480:

    I received and plugged everything, 4K works pretty well on desktop. I'm running on Fedora 25 (GNOME) with Mystro256's polaris copr repo (for the latest mesa and llvm). Too bad only integers are supported for high resolution displays (I would need something more like 1.5 or 1.8).

    Anywho, I started to play Dota and there comes the problem (with hardware I mean, not the game ).
    I've narrowed down the problem to one particular video setting in Dota which is pretty nebular: Game Screen Render Quality

    From what I understood, it's either the quality of the shaders or the percentage of the screen that is rendered at each frame (the latter seems weird to me...).

    If I increase it to anything more than 40%, my screen starts to flicker between the game and a black screen, as if it's trying to change resolution, but I can't be sure of that though.

    I'd be happy to debug this, but I would need to be mentored for that.

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    Just open a bug, make a trace with apitrace which reproduce a problem... that should be enough.


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      I'm not sure I can do it with apitrace since the bug is really random... I can have it after only 2 minutes of playing as I can have it after 2 hours, and I can have several glitches back to back. I've sent a log of `dmesg` and `journalctl -b _COMM=gdm-x-session` before and after a dota session, where I stopped watching the game as soon as the glitch arrived.

      Diffing the files, it's more in the gdm-x-session that something happens, but it seems to be simple resolution queries with the result displayed with all the resolution my screen can handle (there might be a link there and between the fact that it seems that the monitor is changing resolution...)


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        TL;DR: Thanks, but no thanks.

        I've given my share in compiling my own kernels (and I was on Debian before also). I consider Fedora 25 to be one of the most stable distrib currently (considering its bleeding-edgeness). I'm no longer fond of Debian and I simply love GNOME. After a long time of distro hopping, I landed on Fedora and I guess I'll stay there for a couple of years. But don't get me wrong, I'm OK with you using Debian and Xfce, it honestly doesn't bother me, as long as you're not trying to convince me that it's the. best. distro. ever!!!!

        But about filling bugs, I think that asking the users to compile its own kernel and mesa drivers is the wrong approach in so many ways... I could obviously do it, but I won't. Not because I'm a mean person that don't want to help, quite the contrary actually! But as a developer myself, no matter what you're project is, you should be glad that users are filling bugs (and trying to be as detailed as possible, or at least working with you to give the most data out of their configuration). You can't ask them to compile your latest code to make them filling bugs, it's a recipe to fail miserably your community management, IMO.

        So, sorry but I won't compile my own kernel and compile the latest mesa drivers (unless I get involved in mesa development myself, but that's not the case for now). I'm merely helping its development by trying to raise some problems that I encounter.