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16.04 AMDGPU-PRO vs Mesa - RX480 issues

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  • 16.04 AMDGPU-PRO vs Mesa - RX480 issues

    I'm hoping someone with more knowledge can help

    1. I've never had much success with either the Papoka or OB PPA's. I have a dual monitor setup (some old and good VGA LCD's), one uses a DP -> VGA, the other HDMI-VGA, only with the AMDGPU-PRO do both screens initialise. With the OpenSource drivers or any linux distro only the HDMI one. Is it possible to configure somehow? It's not even in the devices.

    2. All the AMDGPU-Pro and PPA's display OutOfMem error when opening Team Fortress 2. Valley reports available VRAM as 1x256MB but runs GREAT. This with either my older 5870 (PPA) or RX480 (PPA's and Pro). Only the FGLRX works correctly. DarkTable OpenCL says 8GB device.

    Valley runs with ULTRA, 8xAA with 53 AVG, 120 Max, 2215. (1st Gen i7).

    3. With all the OpenCL stuff installed, my RX 480 performs WORSE in Corel Aftershot than my CPU only or vs my older 5870. Infact CPU only is faster than with OpenCL enabled by about 20%. This on clean installs of 16.04 based distros. On Windows CPU is vastly slower. I suspect it's the VRAM size.

    If you can help with any of the above it would be awesome!

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    Mean Padoka PPA...not Papoka


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      I was never able to get the RX480 working properly on stock 16.04 because the 4.4 kernel's amdgpu driver does not support the RX480. Ubuntu 16.10 CAN, but none of the PPAs you mention serve to it "yet". I did try fiddling with upgrading the kernel in 16.04 but didnt progress anywhere. That said, Arch's current stock kernel 4.7 DOES recognize the rx480, and a lot of what is in the OIBAF and Padoka PPAs are default build options, excepting Wine, which you need to build via Arch's User Repository (AUR) [goes by wine-gaming-nine].


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        *sigh* misread... ignore :/