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    I have a request for a sticky in this forum that lists the the chips and their current status. For example, I have a Xpress 1100 in my laptop and am never sure if it supported, or if 2D or 3D are working. Would it be possible to compile a running list of what works, possibly including the appropriate xorg.conf settings to be used? Other people, beside myself, are clamoring for this information, I'm sure.

    This data is probably listed piecemeal throughout the forum, but it would be beneficial to consolidate it in a single table/thread. What do the rest of you think?

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    This is a great idea and badly needed IMO. As an owner of several ATI cards, I often forget which features are supported by what driver on any particular card.


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      Certainly is a popular request, if not explicitly for general status, then for a particular feature's status.

      Although it may not be fine grained enough, has the radeon and radeonhd features.

      A sticky might not be the best vehicle, since the the status will be changing (!). Someone would have to continually edit the first post (with the master status). Maybe a wiki? Maybe Michael could maintain a web page?

      We'd maybe need a volunteer to gather and post the status? Is there already a spot (like or mesa3d) where the extra data might fit?

      Or is the matrix sufficient?