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AMD Is Launching A New Beta Program For Their Drivers

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  • AMD Is Launching A New Beta Program For Their Drivers

    Phoronix: AMD Is Launching A New Beta Program For Their Drivers

    For years AMD had a very active, community-driven semi-private beta program for their (Catalyst, at the time) drivers but in recent years while going through tough financial times they cut back the program. However, they will now be working to restore this program and they will be looking for Linux participants too...

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    They mention the new beta initiative in the official AMD software video:


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      Originally posted by Qaridarium
      Now Bridgman and other AMD employees need to take action : KILL THE CLOSED SOURCE OPENGL DRIVER WITH FIRE!!!!!!! KILL IT !!! END IT!!! NOW !!!! FOR THE GOOD OF ALL!!!!
      Originally posted by Qaridarium
      I think I'm banned for all times for any ~AMD Beta Program~ LOL
      I was trying to come up with a suitably clever response but gave up...
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        Originally posted by Qaridarium
        no problem. but cross forum thread quote but without the context is no gentlemen agreement behaviour.
        Sorry... thought the ability to click on the little blue double-arrow thingy and go to the original thread would be sufficient...


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          By providing our community with early access to our drivers before they are publically released, we will work together to identify real-world user application issues that will allow us to further advance Radeon Software and improve its stability. This global community will be formed to include a variety of supported hardware, operating systems, games played and applications. An array of diverse configurations will provide us with real life usage scenarios.
          (I think it's publicly, not publically and my spellcheck underlines the latter)

          I considered applying for a moment, but well, with my intel + HD 7970M laptop there is nothing to test until SI support in amdgpu is finished: fglrx is deprecated on the up to date software I use and it was badly usable anyway: Didn't properly power off when not used, didn't support having only one application render on the radeon GPU without restarting the X server, and the powerXpress support it did have was buggy.

          What I'd want from a driver: Vulkan. OpenCL 1.2+ (Mandelbulber! Proper hybrid GPU support for single applications without tearing. Playable performance in games.

          Well, I don't really think there's any sense in signing up for this program as I don't think this will happen in the near future and after 4 years of using this laptop I've been thinking about buying my next computer for some time now...

          Edit: Eh, I did sign up and if it's just for the fun of telling them every time that my system is not well supported at all.
          I also want to say that I don't have a VR HMD, but I will buy one the moment there is solid Linux support with at least *some* content from one of the high resolution HMDs.
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