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Celebrating A Year Of Open-Source ATI

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  • Celebrating A Year Of Open-Source ATI

    Phoronix: Celebrating A Year Of Open-Source ATI

    This week marks the one year anniversary since AMD had announced its open-source strategy and in two weeks will mark the anniversary of the xf86-video-radeonhd code release that contained R500 and R600 mode-setting support, but not much more. Celebrating this one year milestone was a celebration with Luc Verhaegen, Jerome Glisse, and Egbert Eich during XDS 2008 at the The Bad Ass pub in Edinburgh, Scotland. Discussed at this four-person celebration was the current progress of the open-source ATI as well as DRM hacking for open-source CrossFire (though a laugh at this point), performance counters, the RadeonHD driver, and a whole lot more...

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    They must be geeks when they are hacking away even at pubs

    GO ATI, GO ^^ No.. to be serious.. my next card will for sure be an ATI :-)

    Edit: Congratulations to the whole ATI team and the community coding the opensource drivers :-) You are doing a really great work :-)


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      Damn, didn't realise this was going on so close to home. I'm not all that far from Edinburgh.


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        thanks to all devs, I am a happy user of radeon driver on m56p notebook


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          Thanks again!


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            I love that look on Luc's face in the first pic. This is what I always look like after trying the latest fglrx release.

            If you folks are ever on this side of the pond, I'd love to buy you a beer. I've used the radeonhd driver almost since its inception.

            I was also wondering if you played any ATI-related drinking games..