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AMD Open-Sources Compressonator Project

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  • AMD Open-Sources Compressonator Project

    Phoronix: AMD Open-Sources Compressonator Project

    The latest open-source fruits of AMD's GPUOpen project is the Compressonator...

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    Wow AMD is rockin


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      AMD just keeps on giving!

      First the FGLRX (Catalyst) drivers just kept getting better with each release. Then Mantle inspired DirectX12 and became the basis for Vulkan.

      All the while the open source radeon drivers keep improving in large part due to AMD's efforts to release documentation over the last few years.

      They've been working on AMDGPU to provide a solid base for either the open source or the closed driver to work on.

      And now they're open-sourcing yet another developer tool!

      Keep up the good work AMD!

      I can't wait to try out Vulkan drivers on some GCN 1.0 hardware. :-)


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        Maybe now somebody will implement some of the new compression algorithms


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          This is a good thing. I was trying to help a friend a year ago do some texture compression/conversion work and I was shocked at the poor state of OSS tools to do that.


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            This is so cool.


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              May buy two AMD cards even if crossover doesnt work that well.


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                This is excellent, compressonator was one of the things I was very eager to see open sourced. Congratulations to the legal and technical teams at AMD for making this happen, in a sea of other wonderful announcements.


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                  How does the AMD Compressonator compares to Nvidias texture tools ( )


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                    Originally posted by cj.wijtmans View Post
                    May buy two AMD cards even if crossover doesnt work that well.

                    Anyway, with Vulkan/DX12 there is no more need for crossfire, the API has a standardized multiGPU rendering, although it now depends from the game developers to implement it.