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About the xorg.conf "Virtual" trick

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  • About the xorg.conf "Virtual" trick

    Now that we got a new driver version (8.8) it is time to test some stuff again.

    First it seems that is fixed. Thank you for that. Now I can use OpenGL with MythTV and VLC.

    I knew checkers-screen-of-doom (or something) can be "fixed" in MythTV by changing fullscreen height by one pixel. That is quite handy fix, but it does not help with mplayer (obviously) and I don't know any way to make mplayer fullscreen larger.

    Now I saw that nice trick where we use Virtual 1920x1081 in xorg.conf. That seems to fix this bug completely, BUT...
    Now I can only use 60Hz since xrandr tells that I am in 1920x1081 resolution and only 1920x1080 supports other frequencies. I want to look movies in 24Hz mode, but with this trick it is not possible.

    Since my monitor obviously is in 1920x1080 resolution I think that I should get other frequencies with this virtual screen too. Does anyone now if there is some way to force them to be selectable?

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    I can't use the Virtual trick

    If I add Virtual 1440 901, X won't start anymore


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      Try 1441 900


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        Indeed it works much better.