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Audio over HDMI Tonga and AMDGPU

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  • Audio over HDMI Tonga and AMDGPU


    I just spend hours trying to get this to work and I just couldn't find any decent Info on the net if HDMI audio is working with Tonga GPUs and the open source driver.
    I am on arch with the latest mainline kernel and fglrx is just no option, since downgrading X would be necessary.
    Alsamixer detects this device:
    Card: HDA ATI HDMI
    Chip: ATI R6xx HDM

    And pulse shows the correct device name and R9 285/380.
    Aplay on all devices will not output any audio.

    I do not expect you to troubleshoot my problem for me, but I hope some of you have info if it is even working in general. Because if not
    I can finally rest and play the waiting game.
    Also crimson for X18 when?

    Thx for any input.

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    You need to use DAL for audio on amdgpu.


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      Originally posted by agd5f View Post
      You need to use DAL for audio on amdgpu.
      What would be the best way to do this at the current time?


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        Either grab the patches from the dri-devel mailing list or use my drm-next-4.6-wip-dal branch.