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Forcing The R9 Fury's Performance State For Better AMDGPU Performance?

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    Originally posted by trifud View Post
    Michael, somebody mentioned that the problem could be related to Ubuntu. Did you try with another OS?
    It's highly unlikely when with the very same software stack, the R9 285 on AMDGPU performs correctly.
    Michael Larabel


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      For those having performance problems with Fiji, please try this patch:
      and see if it helps. On production boards, the vbios loads the MC firmware so there's no need for the driver to do it. Perhaps some boards don't like the MC firmware image the driver is loading. It's probably better to stick with the vbios provided MC firmware anyway since the images were validated with the boards. The driver had to load the MC firmware on early engineering sample boards.


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        What's the deal with the forums, a good 80% of the time just eats my posts. Also, often when you switch pages in the forums, it shows content from previous pages like it's half loading the wrong page of content. Anyway for those having problems with their Fiji boards try this patch:


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          Your problems with the phoronix fail-rums and still seeing posts from you make your work even higher appreciated


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            Given that these cards can compute faster than a 980Ti, they really should be doing a HELL of allot better then they are, even in windows. The only real issue I see with AMD cards is the heat problems with the 290 and 390 cards, my 390x will black screen without steeper fan speeds (I have redone the thermal contacts btw).


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              Originally posted by bridgman View Post

              Not sure this is a Sapphire problem at this point - don't we have users with Sapphire Fury's reporting better performance ?
              I have a Sapphire Fury and high performance.

              Newer firmware:

              It has a tiny switch for "Dual BIOS", try the other BIOS slot?