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Close to solving libGL bug in wine, random lock-ups now

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  • Close to solving libGL bug in wine, random lock-ups now

    Hi there! I've been reading Phoronix forums for quite some time, but was too lazy to sign up and actually post here :P

    Anyway, few weeks ago I've bought Radeon HD4850 and found out that fglrx drivers aren't working quite well with wine. It was a surprise to me, because back in February, on my previous ATI card, Radeon 9600, everything was working well. I could play WoW with pretty acceptable framerates, but with rather low details. With the new drivers and 4850 I've always received libGL errors and was forced to switch to indirect rendering. I tried numerous fixes for wine, but none of them works. But then I accidentally found out that using unlimited stack size ("ulimit -s unlimited") removes this error! I'm having over 60 fps with highest details, like it should be. But every rose has its thorns. Wine is locking up after short time of playing, from few second (more often) to about 20 minutes (rarely). There are no bugs shown in the console, like it's not a wine bug. The program just freezes, though I can alt+tab and kill it with ctrl+c. Now, that's my question to you: have you ever met with this kind of locks up? What are they caused by? For sure it's not GPU temperature, because I checked it and was normal.

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    hmm.. well.. without looking at the source code for their libgl itsm pretty hard to do anything, so i guess you'll have to just create bug at ati's tracker and let them do something about it (if they care?)