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AMD/Radeon Has Continued Making Much Linux Graphics Progress

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    Originally posted by Kano View Post

    The Wine benchmarks are just plain stupid, because Wine Staging was not used. This ships with CSMT which is needed to give a huge speed boost for Nvidia (maybe others too). Should beat Nine easyly.


    There is a build option that allows older SI chips to be used with amdgpu. I think as soon as it could replace radeon for those cards a radeon build option is needed to disable just the same PCI IDs. Right now there is no need to do so but when fglrx userspace could be used with amdgpu it should be there.
    Now that's something I kind of agree with you on. Especially with the proprietary stack being established on amdgpu kernel drivers, I think all the gcn architectures should be supported. That's just me though.


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      Originally posted by Twysock View Post
      The open source is competent to competitive with native game play, the Wine results are eye opening.
      No it isn't. Performance is okay, but stability is terrible. The issues with the radeon driver/nine are so bad that it simply can't be recommended. For example just today I got this with nine and csgo:
      And yes, I do want to play it with wine and nine, because the native version drops too often below 60 fps and has a lot of stutter issues that are there with wine too, but far less.