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fglrx manpages updated / request for adoption

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  • fglrx manpages updated / request for adoption

    Hi guys,

    I'm the author of the man-pages for the fglrx driver at I now found some time to at least update the manpages to the Catalyst driver version 8.7. Because of the lack of documentation by ATI/AMD, many options are not yet (fully) documented (check for "Needs to be documented" in the manpage). So if you have some time and want to help, I would appreciate, if you check my work and send me updates/corrections/additions/... - there are also (config-)files and binaries, which are not yet documented.

    However, I'm not longer using the proprietary driver, because it freezes my system (with a Radeon X1650) for several releases now (all > 8.43.2) and I'm simply tired of waiting for a fixed driver. It further prevents me from testing the binaries, helpers and configuration options and it doesn't make sense for me to continue the project. Thus I'm hereby also offering this project for adoption (a license change is possible, if *really* necessary - contact me). I know that several of you guys check/examine undocumented options etc.pp.(`strings' is also your friend, I know ) too, so maybe you want to take the project? In this case, please feel free to contact me. ATI/AMD also showed some interest in the past, but I do not get any reaction atm. Taking this project needs some DocBook XML/XSL(T) skills [1] if you want to use my sources. However, a rewrite in pure GROFF is also possible. If you take the project, you can of course also change the source format to whatever you prefer. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

    I will read this thread, but you can also send me a mail in private, if you want.

    PS: If you want to take the project, you should have a good relationship to an ATI/AMD dev. The support desk will tell you again and again, that reported bugs have been fixed, but they do not get fixed in reality. Simply check the BUGS section [2] in the man-pages. The simple typo in fglrxinfo exists, since this binary exists and I have reported it several times and always got the answer, that it will be fixed with the next release. So being part of the beta-testers mailing list is probably a good start here.

    [1] I can help you with this part, if you want.
    [2] Some of them are maybe already fixed. I cannot test it.

    Regards, Daniel

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    First, I appreciate your hard work on this. Good one!

    Then, "bridgman" is on a 2 weeks holiday so expect he to get back to you by around 25 Aug.