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Latest On AMD Crimson For Linux: Supports 4.x Kernels, Drops Pre-GCN GPUs

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    Originally posted by MoonMoon View Post

    Fixed that for you. If you really think that any driver in the kernel will have support forever, especially in a moving area like graphics drivers, you are utterly mistaken.

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    If I had to invest in a card, I would invest in a card that has support 18 years after its release and that's a card that has oss driver or has documentation released to the public.
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      where from comes this info ? crimson edition run as usual on my 5870m, as stated on the supported cards list available on amd download page


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        Yeah, AFAIK we announced that we were *going* to be moving Catalyst support for pre-GCN hardware to legacy but not in *this* release.
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          Originally posted by phoronix View Post
          Phoronix: Latest On AMD Crimson For Linux: Supports 4.x Kernels, Drops Pre-GCN GPUs
          Michael, I can't find any indication (other than this article) that we dropped pre-GCN support from this Crimson release. AFAIK the announcement said that 15.9 would be the last WHQL certified release, but I doubt that Linux users are too worried about that.
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            I switched from the open source driver to Catalyst to get OpenCL support on my Asus NP56D laptop (Trinity APU with HD7700M discrete GPU). The open source stuff doesn't support the OpenCL 2.0 APIs and is (obviously, I suppose) missing all of the AMD-specific OpenCL extensions. Unfortunately the fglrx driver doesn't let me use both GPUs at once, Catalyst is setup with PowerXpress and only lets me use one or the other of the dGPU or iGPU. With the open source driver I could use both at once (but only on much simpler, older OpenCL code).

            I'm currently on 15.7, will installing this new Crimson let me use both GPUs at the same time in OpenCL?