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A strange quirk in Unigine heaven

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  • A strange quirk in Unigine heaven

    So I was running a few Heaven 4.0 benchmarks on my old but trusty Compaq Presario and I noticed something strange:
    The benchmark shoots up to around 40~50 FPS if the window loses focus. Not minimized or hidden Just loses focus and is still showing on the screen. However the camera in the benchmark itself moves slower taking roughly 15 minutes to complete one run as apposed to the usual 5 minutes. However when the window is kept in focus then the benchmark runs at "normal" speed but at only around 6~7 FPS. I suppose that this is the more accurate value since games are not meant to be just rendering in the background :P but why such a large difference and why the slowdown in the benchmark itself? In both runs the animation is smooth with no tearing or stuttering and the GPU usage reported by GALLIUM_HUD is at around 95% except when the scene changes where it drops to around 60%. Could this be a driver or Mesa issue? I am on Opensuse 13.2 with the latest 4.3-rc6 kernel, Mesa 11.1-Git built against LLVM3.8 and Xorg 1.17.99
    Results are here ( I tried adding it as a link but it didnt work)
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    The first result shows as the mobility radeon 4225 but in reality it is my laptops discrete hd5470. The result is tainted since the 1st and last run had the window out of focus but the 2nd run had it in focus.