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AMD Linux Graphics: The Latest Open-Source RadeonSI Driver Moves On To Smacking Catalyst

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    Yeah better to post some pictures CPU usage in Borderlands 2 with Catalyst, guess whis one is awfull capped and which one use threaded GL

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      Originally posted by dungeon View Post

      Then there might be also some r600 regression somewhere, in that case bisecting can help. I even tried to go down to 10.2.8 mesa and game still works there and still does not crash on Argus... well on a radeonsi.

      Well make sure that you have s3tc and if you use high textures then at least 1GB VRAM but also 1GB GTT.
      Found the issue. The Sb backend has crashes on the shaders. Once I set R600_DEBUG=nosb,llvm things work. For whatever reason, I made a mistake in switching backends during testing before. I'll also try the GL 4.0 path with llvm backend and see how things work.


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        Originally posted by dungeon View Post
        That is not the way to differ singlethread vs multhreaded rendering... It does not mean that one or any core must go to 100% and render to be capped.
        What are you saying? I am CPU limited, even when no CPU core is used 100%?
        Sure, "synchronization/blocking limited" or "memory waiting limited" perhaps, but when saying CPU limited I think of raw processing speed being the limit and that is kinda by definition 100% utilization...


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          It is 100% utilization, just not for an entire sample period.

          Typical driver operation is "100% CPU for a while, then 100% GPU for a while, then 100% CPU for a while...". You overlap as much as possible to try and avoid CPU processing getting in the way but that's a black art in its own right.
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            Didn't think of that. Makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.


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              Originally posted by Michael_S View Post

              What distribution are you using? I have an R9 270, I don't mind riding the bleeding edge but only if installing it and staying up to date isn't too much work.

              Fedora, but I build using the RPM .specs with a few adjustments, compile LLVM with rpmbuild using flags --without crt --without lldb --without ocaml