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I Gave Up Waiting On The Water-Cooled Radeon R9 Fury X

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    Originally posted by chithanh View Post
    Michael, you are doing it wrong.

    Supply does not currently meet demand for the R9 Fury X.

    But retailers are being supplied all the time. Just stock lasts for minutes so you have to be quick.

    E.g. Newegg had the MSI R9 Fury X in stock yesterday, between 7:00 and 7:21 PM according to that site.
    I was browsing Newegg's Ebay store earlier that day and snagged the Sapphire Fury X it should arrive tomorrow. From your link it was :
    Jul 02 - 5:26 PM EST Newegg : Sapphire 100380SR Out of Stock
    Jul 02 - 4:44 PM EST Newegg : Sapphire 100380SR In Stock for $649.99
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      Michael, in case the haiku I pasted when flagging this post seemed weird...

      ... the third one down mentioned spam *and* Fiji, how could I resist ?

      Yes, that's 20,000-odd spam haiku. Or is it haikus ?

      Before you ask, yes there are Linux haiku, or at least Ubuntu haiku:
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        R9 Fury Linux results -
        Michael Larabel