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radeonhd X1250 black screen DVI

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  • radeonhd X1250 black screen DVI

    I have a lenovo A61 with AMD 690G chipset which has an integrated X1250 graphics core. I had radeonhd working with extended desktop with a DVI and VGA monitor with the gnome panel on the DVI monitor and VGA monitor on the right. It is running Debian testing. Recently I did upgrades from the testing repositories and something broke radeonhd. I get the login prompt in gdm and both monitors are working at this point. When I log in, the DVI monitor becomes black and only the VGA monitor comes up and it doesn't show anything in my gnome panel. grandr and xrandr show the DVI monitor turned off. I can use xrandr to turn on the DVI monitor in extended mode. Neither monitor behaves normally at this point as nothing shows up in the gnome panel. I don't see any errors in the xorg.0.log file. The xorg.conf is the same as what was previously working before the upgrade. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? It seems as though my gnome panel is messed up at this point since when I try unplugging the DVI monitor the VGA monitor still doesn't show anyting in the gnome panel only a gray bar for the panel.

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    Suggest you post to the radeonhd mailing list -- radeonhd at opensuse dot org. If you mail "radeonhd+help" at opensuse dot org I think it mails back all of the subscribe/unsubscribe commands. There have been a lot of changes in the last few weeks so a subsequent upgrade may simply fix your problem but it wouldn't hurt to mail anyways.