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Radeon HD 4870 Linux Status

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  • Radeon HD 4870 Linux Status

    Kudos to AMD for releasing their new graphics cards, and for being able to release them at great bang-for-buck prices!

    I have a G92 8800 GTS right now, and am contemplating an upgrade to a 4870, both to improve Windows game performance and to show support for AMD for their open-sourcing efforts. Though I game in Windows, when I'm not gaming I'm almost exclusively in Linux, and prefer to use open-source whenever possible.

    So my questions are: Does radeonhd and/or radeon support the 4870 yet? Do they support 2D acceleration and enough 3D to run compiz-fusion? If not yet, when will they be able to?

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    xf86-video-ati should work with the Radeon HD 4870, albeit without 2D or 3D acceleration at this time. However, the xf86-video-radeonhd currently has no Radeon HD 4870 support. The -ati driver should work due to its use of AtomBIOS. I have that open-source driver running great with a Radeon HD 4850. There should be open 2D/3D support in a few months...

    For now, however, the Catalyst "fglrx" driver does work with the Radeon HD 4870.
    Michael Larabel


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      Thanks for the quick reply! I guess I'll wait until the drivers are ironed out a bit more first; availability ought to be better by than anyway.