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    well, I've got an X1300 in my T60. I ran the installer program on Debian Testing and it did absolutely nothing. It didn't tweak xorg.conf and there's no fglrx module to be found.

    looks like I need to learn how to work git so I can get the latest, greatest radeonhd stuff working.


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      looks like developers had enough time to introduce new stuff into the driver, instead of usual maintenance releases. that probably means that there are less and less issues with the driver, and they actually have time for implementing new features.


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        When I start games like Nexuiz and I see JUNK on my 2nd display. If I open the lid of the laptop I can perfectly see that the game runs fine there.
        Same goes for OpenArena!

        Well done ... I'm going back to 8.5

        AMD/ATi hate mobility radeons, I tell you.


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          There is no improvements on X200M, only new bugs. Diagonal tearing is everythere.

          THANK YOU ATI!


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            Priver installed on ubuntu 8.04 / ati mobility 9700
            Problems found:

            - X server runs twice
            - flickering with Texture Video enable/disable when i have compiz enabled and i'm watching video not fullscreen
            - X freeze when i restart gdm or try to switch from text console to desktop and vice versa


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              This release solves the logout freeze with AIGLX enabled (tried on Arch Linux)... thank you ATI!!!!


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                I've had success with installing by just running ./
                It opened up a nice gui and ran fine from there.

                I've seen remarkable improvement with the games I play, Tremulous, Sauerbraten and Savage2. I no longer get lockups and I've seen higher fps counts as well.

                The only thing that stops me from saying the ati drivers are peachy is the pixelation/distortion that others have mentioned. For me, it is new to this release and only effects mythtv and need for speed through wine.

                I came across from being a dedicated nvidia person. I knew the road would be rocky but have enjoyed the journey. Top work fellas.

                Asus M3A-H/HDMI
                Amd Athlon x2 6000+
                4G ram
                Using the 3200 IGP for now.
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                  dual-head works again - now please give us XRANDR!

                  On my T60 with Mobility X1300 dual-head now works again, also when driving two screens from the docking station. Cool! I have an asymmetric screen setup, screen 1 with 1680x1050 and screen 2 with 1280x1024, which was causing problems with 8-5. Good to see that fixed!

                  Now, all I'm missing is full support of XRANDR! It makes the life of a laptop user so much easier, especially when using a projector for presentations (which I do quite often). I need to switch screens and resolutions without rebooting, and aticonfig and amdcccle do a bad job here. Moreover, they're difficult to use, in particular compared to what I'm used from radeonhd (with full XRANDR support). The only reason I do not use radeonhd is that it doesn't have acpi support, and I can't dim the backlight when on battery.

                  Overall the situation for ati users has improved a lot over the last few months. A big THANK YOU to ati/amd, and an even bigger KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


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                    praise too quick...

                    My praise was too quick... about 5 min after sending off the previous post, my screen was corrupted all over when starting up powerpoint through crossover office. Looked much like the blocky or pixellated corruption that was reported earlier in this thread.

                    I'll see if I can reproduce it.


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                      Failure is reproducable

                      OK, i reproduced the desktop corruption. Starting powerpoint via Crossover Office (WINE) makes the desktio unusable, restarting the X server fixes the corruption. But I can't finish my presentation

                      For the record, my setup is: Lenovo T60/Mobility X1300
                      SUSE 10.3
                      1680x1050+1280x1024 via docking station (one DVI, one VGA)

                      Going back to 8-4 now, the last revision that worked for me. Hoping that radeonhd will support powersaving and backlight dimming soon.