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    Good release for me so far (Radeon HD 3850 here). Totem has finally nicely scaled video and thanks to

    "Clock Gating is now supported and enable under the Linux operating system. Further details can be found in topic number 737-35191"

    my idle desktop systems is now consuming ~67 Watt instead of ~72 Watt (measured at the wall plug, complete system without monitor). This means that power saving is now as good as on Windows.

    edit: Just for those who wonder what system this is:
    - Athlon 64 X2 5200+ (65nm, rated with 65W TDP)
    - Asus M3A Mainboard (AMD 770 chipset)
    - Radeon 3850 256MB
    - 4 Gig of RAM
    - Ubuntu 8.04 x86_64
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      Okay, with the F8 packages not working I used the "normal" installer, and I'm quite surprised. No squeezed screen, no watermark, 3d accel working (not tested on second XServer though), switching VT working, etc!
      However, the Wine libGL bug is still not fixed and I still have 2 X processes running. 2D accel hasn't improved much either.

      HOWEVER, I now can resize windows while using compiz without lags, so upgrading was good for me this time as this was one thing that really disturbed me!

      Great release for me, keep on with the good work AMD!

      EDIT: Oh yeah, Got around 10% better FPS on Neverball, too. Ain't too much, especially because Neverball isn't such a high end game, but any improvement is better than none


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        I always love new ati driver releases. it's like going to a casino. you enter without knowing how much money you will have when you go out. (you never know how many bugs they fixed and introduced at the same time ).


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          Hey, icon corruption is gone now.
          But video playback seems to have broken.

          In any case, I've updated my installer script for the 'buntus, which can be found here.

          EDIT: Yep, looks like it made 3D totally unusable. Tried Sauerbraten, and it does this weird split-screen checkerboard thingy. I can see everything, but it's completely unplayable.

          Maybe a problem somewhere with endian-ness? Just a shot in the dark... Screenshots come out normal, so a picture here. (This happens to everything on-screen until I close Sauerbraten.)
          Oh yeah, and the Phoronix article says it doesn't support Xorg 7.4/X server 1.5, which is what I'm running... The last driver worked fine.
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            Sounds like a good release. Can't wait for it to hit the Portage-tree.


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              That driver has similar problems like the ones before since about a year:

              a) no pointsprites in gl2benchmark test 3+4

              b) crashes with modelines with Xorg 7.1.1 (Debian 4.0 aka Etch)

              c) can not run Track Mania Nations Forever with wine (my Nvidia 8800 GTS 512 can run it fine) using wine 1.0 (2 dll changed + reghack needed)

              d) no 2.6.26 support, needed to add patches to my script

              Script with 2.6.26 support for 8-5 AND 8-6 with support for Kanotix and Ubuntu (without manual changes, works in Live mode too):



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                I'm stuck using an nvidia card at the moment and won't get my RMA back until next week. Can anyone test game performance and stability with these? Also, try making changes in CCC and then launch a game. I'm interested in knowing if they fixed a major regression with opengl that I was experiencing before.


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                  Hmm Xv is ok again (it hung the player for me with 8.5). Game performance seems pretty good, better than 8.5. Some 3D applications segfault on exit (mplayer, world of padman). They can be killed without creating further problems, but still quite annoying. This is with RS690 onboard graphics.


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                    Hi everybody
                    With the catalyst 8.6 and my radeon HD3450, I don't have any artefacts in Game (Nexuiz) and any problems with TV display. To conclude, I don't have any problems with the amdcccle (5 seconds refreshing). I'm lucky


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                      Fedora 8 packaging problem is worse, not better.

                      The new module and the atiode, atiodcli programs aren't being packaged either!

                      Once installed, the biggest problem I have found so far is that the X server is still crashing when xine reaches the end of a video file. This is related to Xv; there is still some illegal memory access in a memcpy() somewhere in the module.

                      Running the xscreensaver OpenGL hacks from the command line isn't releasing the command prompt when I quit the hack either. Most odd...