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AF broken with fglrx/etqw-demo?

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  • AF broken with fglrx/etqw-demo?

    Somehow I got the bad impression that Anisotropic Filtering with fglrx is not working as expected. At least in the PTS benchmark etqw-demo there is *no* real difference in the fps numbers when I force on AF via amdcccle. As you can see in my test results at, changing the setting for AA does make a real difference (and it is easy to see). Where AF seems to make basically no difference and I see no difference either (maybe my eyes are just too bad?). Some fluctuations in the numbers are normal since I reduced the number of runs per benchmark from three to one since otherwise it would take ages to be done with them.

    So either AMD has done some *really* great work with their implementation of AF speed wise in the HD3850 512MB I got, or the combination of fglrx with AF on and etqw-demo is causing some real problems. Of course I am using the latest fglrx driver (and since I use kernel 2.6.25 I don't want to/can downgrade it...).

    Has anyone of you made similar experiences? Is it just etqw-demo not supporting AF?

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    I have the retail full game, and I got the very same experience had a 3870 and a 4870, no matter which driver, so I sold them both.. maybe my new nvidia card coming withn the next 3 weeks will make a difference.. we'll see..


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      I say it's buggy. Enabling AF on the driver and running both Unigine demos produces artifacts and severe performance loss. AF doesn't seem to do anything in Urban Terror or in Alien Arena (but this is coming from the guy that can't tell the difference from no AA to AA in anything higher than 1280x1024 ). Doesn't seem to have any effect in Nexuiz either, but neither does enabling AF within the game itself. All this is rather expected however, because even in Windows certain games will have problems if you force AA/AF settings in the driver instead of using in-game settings.
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