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Radeon R600 DRM In The Works

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    Thank you bridgman and don't take me too serious. I have no reason to doubt AMD's strong commitment in Open Source anymore.

    The net is full of rumors and it seems RV770 will be released within the next 2 weeks, almost together with Nvidia's new GT200 and we should not forget Nvidia still lacks an Open Source strategy. If reports are true RV770 will be very competitive on a price/performance ratio (HD4850 > 8800 Ultra, ~220$; HD4870 = HD4850 x 1.3, *320$) and will feature enhanced PowerPlay allowing superior idle consumption. Furthermore it should be based on RV670, so I believe we will see DRM support soon as well.

    Okay, still only rumors and nothing I expect AMD employees to comment on.

    Going forward, we only have to keep pace with new GPU introduction, which will give us time to start backfilling information for older chips and dealing with any gaps in the current info.
    Sounds promising, no more bans on leave. Enjoy your holidays