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mesa: GLcore vs. swrast

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  • mesa: GLcore vs. swrast

    I've been using the GIT master versions of all related software. Recently, the X server has been changed to use this 'swrast' driver instead of the old 'GLcore' one. As a result, now direct rendering is broken for me. Can somebody explain what this means? And how this is going to affect us radeon users?

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    Does the May 27 post (swrast error messages) match what you are seeing ? If so, might be a version mismatch rather than a deliberate change.


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      swrast is basically a mesa 3D driver that uses the mesa sw rasterization methods exclusively. It looks and loads just like a real hw 3D driver only it's sw only. GLcore was not. The change allows us to have a common interface for loading 3D drivers in the X server and provides us with a sw only 3D driver that provides a nice base for a new hw 3D driver in that you can slowly replace the sw routines with the hw ones.


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        I appreciate your quick response. The important step I learned was:

        Build X server with the master branch of mesa.
        Use only the * files from the r500-support branch. (don't use, etc.)



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          And the nice thing is that today you can just build the master branch of mesa and go; r500-support was merged in last night.

          Just a reminder that you absolutely need the latest drm as well, since some functionality (checking # of pipelines in the GPU) was moved from mesa to DRM yesterday.