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Open-Source ATI Driver Achieves 3D Success

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  • Open-Source ATI Driver Achieves 3D Success

    Phoronix: Open-Source ATI Driver Achieves 3D Success

    While the RadeonHD developers have been busy working on Radeon HD 3200 / 780 Series support and other features for this open-source ATI R500/600+ driver, the DRM (Direct Rendering Manager) support has been lagging behind. Earlier this month Matthias Hopf was successful in getting DRM working on an RS690 GPU and he has published RadeonHD DRM code into his personal development tree, but no code has yet to reach master. Meanwhile, as the xf86-video-ati driver is using AtomBIOS, they are able to spend more time working on the 3D features and other areas and less time "banging on registers" or even waiting on register documentation to arrive. David Airlie has been working on the R500 3D support along with Alex Deucher and Corbin Simpson. The trio has been making some great headway towards open-source 3D goodness for Radeon X1000 and HD 2000/3000 GPUs. Their most recent efforts have focused around the R500 fragment program code and today they have reached a monumental milestone.

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    Great work to every single developer involved!


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      that's just amazing. i was thinking that it would take at least 5 months to get to this preliminary point.


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        Any suggestions when RadeonHD 1.3 will be released?


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          Originally posted by sundown View Post

          Any suggestions when RadeonHD 1.3 will be released?
          When the fallout from the 780 commits is cleared up.
          Michael Larabel


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            I simply love these news!


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              Next up: open-source R600 3D support...
              Any information on this one? Like a timeframe or something?
              As far as I remember there was a 50% chance that it should have been released at the last X Meeting @ Googleplex (can't remember the name).

              I haven't heard anything about tcore since then...


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                The 600 docs turned out to be larger than we were expecting so review and final cleanup is taking a heck of a long time. I'm trying to cut the docs down where possible (right now we have almost 1000 pages) to get them out sooner.

                The tcore code seems to be mostly useful for getting the DRM module going; past that, we really need higher level code than what tcore contains. Not sure if it is going to be worth releaing since once DRM is up there probably isn't a lot of benefit. We're going to revisit the tcore plan over the next week or so. Either way we need to release docs so they are the priority.
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                  Hopefully in the near future NVIDIA will join in.
                  I hope so to. I don't mind using the closed proprietary drivers from NVIDIA for now because they also provide the best preforming Linux solution for gaming. However, they still lag behind their Windows counterparts (for gaming). With greater cooperation between NVIDIA and open source communities it can only get better.

                  As for ATI and friends, they'll need to do A WHOLE LOT to earn my trust back. Yes, ATI drivers are better when comparing them to previous versions of themselves. However, they aren't to the point where one can say they compare to the NVIDIA solution.

                  Since I mostly care about gaming, part of the defining metric IMHO needs to be how well the drivers work with Wine. (Yes, I still view Wine as the primary venue for quality games on Linux.) If you read much around the Wine community the word is still that ATI is broken and Intel just doesn't offer the bang needed.

                  Few bad things are ever said about NVIDIA's GL solution for Linux. Mostly just that it isn't OSS or that it preforms better on Windows.

                  Its nice to see some action on the ATI side, but I won't be excited until I have trouble choosing NVIDIA over ATI. I don't think thats setting the bar too high. It's just not lowing the bar so that everyone can jump over.


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                    It would be great if there was a link to a document explaining how people could get, compile, install and use such bleeding edge releases. I keep poking at it, but it's never been clear whether I should use the radeon or radeonHD driver for my R500 based card.

                    I'm happy to use GIT, happy to install new Mesa and DRM stuff, heck I run the -rc# kernel releases all the time, so I'm willing to play and break things.

                    This would be a great article to have, as opposed to reviews. Or maybe as part of the review process.

                    And if you can solicit more people to chime in, that might help the review process as well.