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Hardy 32-bit and Catalyst 8.5 locks up

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  • Hardy 32-bit and Catalyst 8.5 locks up

    I'm currently running Hardy/8.04 32-bit on an AMD-64 motherboard with an AGP x1650.

    I tried the Catalyst 8.4 drivers and just tried the Catalyst 8.5 drivers with the same results. When I try to start X, my computer freezes up hard. I must turn it off or use the reset button. Am I expecting too much of ATI to have a working driver for the x1650 for linux this soon? Is anyone else having problems with getting an AGP version of the x1650 running under Linux? It works great under Windows.

    I can post logs if any one is interested. Not very useful since it locks up so early in the process. One line did give me pause:

    [ 474.888962] [fglrx] offset is out of FB range


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    OK, I kind of feel foolish, but not so much. I was reading another post about AGP cards and setting the AGP aperture in the BIOS. Having (elsewhere) read about how the AGP aperture doesn't make much difference, and not having had any issues with it in regards to using NVidia cards, I didn't even think about that.

    So, I cranked it up to the highest value it would take, and now acceleration works. The rest of it, I don't know. Is this something that can be added to a FAQ somewhere? Or is it already and I'm just too clueless to find it.



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      jimbolaya, i agree that it probobly should, however i do believe it would be better served to add this to the unofficial wiki site that is linked to on the official ati driver download site.