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TexturedVideo hanging with DVDs on r500

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  • TexturedVideo hanging with DVDs on r500

    Despite recent developments in drm and use of the CP, my machine still hangs after a few minutes when using TexturedVideo to watch DVDs. I can't really explain why it only happens with DVDs, but everything else seems to work fine.

    Does anyone know why this might happen?

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    So far we've only really seen this happen with MMIO, ie not using CP & DRM. We're going to have to dig a bit deeper if you are hanging with DRM running. A few questions to get started :

    - if you play DVDs without using TexturedVideo (eg just going to x11 output) do you still get the hangs ? Any correlation with window size ?

    - any useful messages in the logs ? I have to admit I'm not quite sure where Mesa & DRM messages get logged, but hopefully somebody here is

    - are you pretty sure that DRM is being used (eg from a mesage in the X log saying that acceleration is using DRM/CP) ?

    - which app are you using to play the DVDs ?


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      Yes, it is using DRM:

      (II) [drm] DRM interface version 1.3
      (II) [drm] DRM open master succeeded.
      (II) RADEON(0): [drm] Using the DRM lock SAREA also for drawables.
      (II) RADEON(0): [drm] framebuffer handle = 0xc0000000
      (II) RADEON(0): [drm] added 1 reserved context for kernel
      (II) RADEON(0): X context handle = 0x1
      (II) RADEON(0): [drm] installed DRM signal handler
      (II) RADEON(0): [pci] 8192 kB allocated with handle 0x00000000
      (II) RADEON(0): [pci] ring handle = 0x1f000000
      (II) RADEON(0): [pci] Ring mapped at 0x2af000dc7000
      (II) RADEON(0): [pci] Ring contents 0x00000000
      (II) RADEON(0): [pci] ring read ptr handle = 0x2efff000
      (II) RADEON(0): [pci] Ring read ptr mapped at 0x2af000ec8000
      (II) RADEON(0): [pci] Ring read ptr contents 0x00000000
      (II) RADEON(0): [pci] vertex/indirect buffers handle = 0x1f001000
      (II) RADEON(0): [pci] Vertex/indirect buffers mapped at 0x2af000ec9000
      (II) RADEON(0): [pci] Vertex/indirect buffers contents 0x00000000
      (II) RADEON(0): [pci] GART texture map handle = 0x1f002000
      (II) RADEON(0): [pci] GART Texture map mapped at 0x2af0010c9000
      (II) RADEON(0): [drm] register handle = 0xdffe0000
      (II) RADEON(0): [dri] Visual configs initialized
      (II) RADEON(0): [DRI] installation complete
      (II) RADEON(0): [drm] Added 32 65536 byte vertex/indirect buffers
      (II) RADEON(0): [drm] Mapped 32 vertex/indirect buffers
      (II) RADEON(0): [drm] dma control initialized, using IRQ 18
      (II) RADEON(0): [drm] Initialized kernel GART heap manager, 5111808
      (WW) RADEON(0): DRI init changed memory map, adjusting ...
      (WW) RADEON(0):   MC_FB_LOCATION  was: 0xcfffc000 is: 0xcfffc000
      (WW) RADEON(0):   MC_AGP_LOCATION was: 0x003f0000 is: 0xffffffc0
      (II) RADEON(0): RADEONRestoreMemMapRegisters() : 
      (II) RADEON(0):   MC_FB_LOCATION   : 0xcfffc000 0xcfffc000
      (II) RADEON(0):   MC_AGP_LOCATION  : 0xffffffc0
      (II) RADEON(0): Direct rendering enabled
      (II) RADEON(0): Render acceleration enabled for R300/R400/R500 type cards.
      (II) RADEON(0): RADEONEngineInit: num pipes is 1
      (II) EXA(0): Offscreen pixmap area of 124977152 bytes
      (II) EXA(0): Driver registered support for the following operations:
      (II)         Solid
      (II)         Copy
      (II)         Composite (RENDER acceleration)
      (II)         UploadToScreen
      (II)         DownloadFromScreen
      (II) RADEON(0): Acceleration enabled
      (==) RADEON(0): Silken mouse enabled
      (II) RADEON(0): Set up textured video
      It hangs no matter what I use to play DVDs. I've tried xine-ui, totem, and mplayer with pretty much the same result. The video stutters a lot after a few seconds, then hangs after a few minutes (although it's a little unpredictable.) The switch from mmio doesn't seem to have had any effect on my texturedvideo, (although it did make render acceleration work.)

      I'd like to try disabling DMA on my DVD drive, and see if that helps (possibly there's some kind of conflict?) but my ata driver doesn't seem to like hdparm or sdparm, so I'm not sure what to do.


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        Yep, that's using DRM alright

        You mentioned stuttering after a few seconds... does the stuttering start and then continue until it hangs, or just stutter for a bit then go back to running smoothly before the hang ?


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          Kind of what I probably expereince with xv and simple to HD videos on xine. I decided to stay on radeonhd though, coz with radeon my screen flickers every now and then, plus going from X to run level 3 alwyas results in a big distorted junk screen.


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            Originally posted by sundown View Post
            I decided to stay on radeonhd though, coz with radeon my screen flickers every now and then, plus going from X to run level 3 alwyas results in a big distorted junk screen.
            IS it this bug by any chance?


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              Originally posted by slacker View Post
              A little off topick but I think yes. Though person says that going from console to X is fine for him after that, where as, going from distorted garbage console results in a distorted garbage X too, in my case.


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                Oops... what I attributed to textured video may in fact be a libata problem. As soon as I get done purging my init of the evil libata, I may be able to confirm this.


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                  (Sorry for the double post)

                  Ack... nuking libata fixed performance issues, but intermittant kernel panics remain. On the other hand, my computer is a little screwy anyway (everything segfaults intermittantly), so it may just be a motherboard fault causing the driver to choke up. Unfortunately, I have no way to test this until I round up $400 to replace the guts of my computer (I can't exactly replace a socket 939 motherboard at this point.)