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Radeon 740G?

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    Originally posted by VaHyper View Post
    I will never buy a foxconn component after: foxconn hates linux

    I am leaning more towards a
    asus 780v atm...
    $5 more you could get the 780g. I'm not overly aware of differences. Another.
    Seems like V runs slower so should be cooler. If circulation is poor in your case that could be an issue. While my 780g chip gets hot, I have OK airflow. 780G also supports UVD which reduces CPU requirement for multimedia. You should probably get the 780g.

    If you intend to use one of the higher power quad cpus, you should read up on problems with the 780g (and therefore maybe also with the 780v). I'm using a AMD4800 and have no CPU/power related problems. Though I might have bought the 4850e if it was available back then for even lower power consumption.

    I see for about $25 more gigabyte has a 780g board with 128MB DDR3 side port memory. I'm not sure if the memory is there. I also didn't see where the port was. Chances are the 7600gs (I think you already have) would still be faster.
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